Tag contentProvider

Definesa contentProvider for a given component. Example:

  Collection myCollection = myObject.getMyCollection();
  HashMap map = new HashMap();
  map.put("name",    "myName");
  map.put("surname", "mySurname");

<gui:lister width="100" drawer="amazon" title="welcome">
  <gui:contentProvider name          = "default"
                       collection    = "<%=myCollection %>"
                       propertiesMap = "<%=map %>"
                       template      = "myTemplate.vm"/>


Tag Information
Tag Classcom.pow2.webgui.taglib.ContentProviderTag
TagExtraInfo ClassNone
Body ContentJSP
Display NameNone

nametruetruejava.lang.Stringthe name of the content provider class.
collectiontruetruejava.lang.Stringthe collection object
templatetruetruejava.lang.Stringthe template path
propertiesMapfalsetruejava.lang.String a properties HashMap that contains further informations that can be used into the Velocity template. Reference a map entry using its key name.

No Variables Defined.

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