Tag tabbedSelector

Defines an HTML tabbedSelector component. Example:

<%@ taglib uri="/WEB-INF/webgui.tld" prefix="gui" %>

   String tab = request.getParameter("webGUI.tabbedSelector.tab");

  // set the default selected tab;
  if (Util.isNull(tab)) tab = "tab1";

<gui:tabbedSelector name        = "myTabbedSelector"
                    drawer      = "backoffice"
                    followUp    = "tab.jsp"
                    color       = "#f0f0f0"
                    width       = "100"
                    selectedTab = "<%=tab %>">

  <gui:tab drawer="backoffice" name="tab1" title="click me">
    Hello !! This is tab1.

  <gui:tab drawer="backoffice" name="tab2" title="or me!">
    ...and this is tab2.

  <gui:tab drawer="backoffice" name="tab3" title="and me?">
    while this is tab3..



Tag Information
Tag Classcom.pow2.webgui.taglib.TabbedSelectorTag
TagExtraInfo ClassNone
Body ContentJSP
Display NameNone

selectedTabfalsetruejava.lang.Stringthe name of the tabbedSelector tab component to select.
followUpfalsetruejava.lang.String the URL associated with the tabbedSelector selected tab. If the followUp attribute of the selected tab does not override the tabbedSelector followUp attribute, the tabbedSelector component appends to the current page URL the string: "webGUI.tabbedSelector.${tabbedSelectorName}.tab=${selectedTab_name}" where selectedTab_name is the name of the selected tab.
drawertruetruejava.lang.Stringdefines the drawer class that will be used to prepare and render the widget.
idfalsetruejava.lang.Stringid attribute.
namefalsetruejava.lang.Stringthe name of the tabbedSelector component.
colorfalsetruejava.lang.Stringsets the tabbedSelector body color; use the format #rrggbb.
widthfalsetruejava.lang.String sets the width of the tabbedSelector component. The width management is left to the related drawer class; for example, "amazon" drawer uses the width parameter to set the width of the "amazon" tabbedSelector bottom bar, while "backoffice" drawer uses this value to set the width of the right-most part of the "backoffice" tabbedSelector component.

No Variables Defined.

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